Worker’s Compensation



How much does an injury cost your company? Most people immediately think of the insurance and medical costs. For your company, that means Worker’s Compensation Insurance. An effective Safety program is the best way to reduce the injuries and costs, but there are other methods, including:

  • An Early-Return-to-Work program: Getting the injured employee back on the payroll will decrease recovery time and the impact of the claim on your insurance premiums.
  • Drug-Free Workplace: You may not think that drugs or alcohol are a factor in your workplace, but you are probably wrong! Statistics indicate that drugs are a big contributor to employee injuries.
  • Active Claims Management: Make sure the injured employee is doing his part to recover, and make sure the doctors and the insurance company are actively involved.

Focus on the E-Mod: The Experience Modifier is the factor that determines your Worker’s Compensation premiums. If it’s greater than 1.0, you’ve got problems in the workplace that can be fixed! CP Safety and Environmental has worked with insurance companies for several years providing risk assessment and loss control services. We help you put together a program to manage your injuries and let you manage your business.

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