Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

All companies that use chemicals are subject to strict and very complex Federal, State, and Local regulations. If your company does any of the following, you may be required to have written programs and operating permits:

  • Air Emissions: Many industrial, commercial and construction activities require operating permits and O&M Plans. Examples of regulated activities include use of solvents, paint, and Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPS), fuel-burning equipment, dust generation, and much more.
  • Solid/Hazardous Waste Generation: Does your company generate any chemical waste? If you do, there are specific requirements for management and disposal of these materials, such as identification, containment, inspections, reporting, etc.
  • Wastewater Discharge: If your company discharges process wastewater, there are limits to the types and concentrations of contaminants in the water. You may be required to have a discharge permit, with limits, sampling and reporting requirements.
  • Stormwater Contamination: Do you have external activities at your facility that could be rained on? If so, you may be subject to requirements for a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). There are often easy ways to avoid this requirement and qualify for a No Exposure Certification.
  • DOT Registration: Under certain conditions, your company may be required to be registered with the Department of Transportation as a Shipper of Hazardous Materials, and you could be required to have a HazMat Security Plan.

CP Safety & Environmental can help you develop, implement, and manage the permits and programs to meet these compliance requirements.

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