OSHA Injury Reporting & Recordkeeping Changes

OSHA recently adopted final rules on discrimination and injury/illness reporting that will impact most employers! Here’s a breakdown of the significant changes: Reporting Changes (Effective 1/1/16) Employers are required to report fatalities and serious injuries as follows: Fatalities: These are required to be reported within 8 hours. Serious Injuries: Hospitalization of one employee (changed from three), any read more

Safety Teams – An Important Key to Culture Change

According to the February 6, 1955 Des Moines Tribune, “The State Senate of Illinois yesterday disbanded its Committee on Efficiency and Economy, for reasons of efficiency and economy.” There are lots of articles out there about Safety Committees. Meriam Webster defines a committee as “a body of persons delegated to consider, investigate, take action on, read more

Ergonomics, It’s Personal!

Chester Carlson worked as a patent analyzer in the late 1920s, spending long, tedious hours making multiple copies of drawings and documents by hand. He was nearsighted and his cramped posture, combined with his arthritis, made the work unbearable. His solution came three years later, when he invented the copy machine! Ergonomics is essentially the read more

Electrical Safety — Don’t be Shocked!

By Chuck Paulausky, CP Safety & Environmental, LLC and Jack Rubinger, Graphic Products One challenge that’s got a lot of electricians, safety trainers, and frontline workers confused is the definition of low voltage. Another question regards the difference between Alternating Current (AC) and Direct Current (DC) in terms of the risk of shock and/or electrocution. read more

Laser Safety: The Eyes Have It

Pierre Gougelman had the first glass eye factory in the United States in 1851. At first, the public thought artificial eyes actually gave their wearers new sight. If only glass eyes worked that way! Unfortunately, some Lasers can result in permanent retinal damage and blindness. Lasers have many common applications these days; everything from barcode scanners read more

Death by Forklift is Really the PITs

From the September issue of OHS Magazine By Chuck Paulausky, CHMM Watch the webinar: Powered Industrial Truck Webinar Held on September 12th through OHS Magazine View the Webinar Q&A: Questions Answered The owner of a machinery and equipment training school was killed while filming a forklift safety video. He was thrown from the forklift and read more

Top Ten Mistakes Made When Completing OSHA 300 Log

According to Chuck Paulausky, President of CP Safety & Environmental, employers from nonexempt industries with more than 10 employees are required to maintain the OSHA 300 Log for work-related, OSHA-recordable injuries. Beginning February 1 until April 30, employers are required to post their annual OSHA Summary Form 300A for the previous calendar year. This annual read more

Emergency Egress

It’s well known that after John Wilkes Booth shot President Lincoln, he leaped from the President’s box to the stage where he tripped and fell, breaking his leg. What’s not well known is what he tripped over. According to some first-hand accounts, as John Wilkes Booth was trying to make his exit, he tripped over read more

Managing Your Workers’ Compensation Costs

Unsafe employees can really impact your bottom line through production and equipment losses, retraining, and workers’ compensation costs for injured employees.

Are Your Employees Cows or Crows?

How aware are your employees? Are they able to do the same task each day and still be aware enough to “fly away” when they are at risk? A good safety program keeps your employees aware of the risks from their everyday jobs, through supervisor responsibility, rules and training, employment involvement, and attention to “near misses.”